About Me

P8Hello, My name is Rex Schade.

I am a proud husband to my wife Yumi, and blessed to be the father of 2 beautiful little girls. My life is full of chaos, love and happiness.

I am a family man, but I am also a passionate business owner. I have always set high goals for myself and pride myself on making all life, business and personal decisions with integrity and honesty.

I was raised in a Christian home with parents who love the Lord. I am beyond blessed to have had the upbringing I did and am grateful for the example my parents could be for me as a young man and continue to be for me today. For every blessing and trial in my life I do my best to praise and give thanks to God for it all.

I have a wide experience in the different aspects of business. I began my career in sales at the young age of 17 with my first door-to-door sales job and fell in love with selling products/services I believed in wholeheartedly. Since then I have been in various roles at different companies as a sales associate, sales manager, VP of sales, and have grown sales teams from 1 (myself) to over 15, I am passionate about training/coaching sales people to becoming confident leaders who can sell effectively and with integrity.

One of my favorite quotes is by Dale Carnegie, “Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success.”

My main goals in life are to love God with my whole heart, to love and provide for my family, to always help those in need and to allow God to use me in bigger ways than I could ever imagine.